Sri. PVRK Murthy Garu

Mr. P.V.R.K. Murthy being a veteran scholar in Physics has trained many students to all kinds of entrance examination for more than three decades through his mesmerizing teaching skills in corporate colleges. Apart from the aforesaid excellence, he has proven himself as an able administrator by establishing Srigayatri Educational Institutions. Mr. Murthy is rendering his services to the students community through his valuable articles and career guidance programs on JEE (advanced), JEE (Mains), BITSAT, EAMCET (Medical and Engineering) in print and electronic media. Mr. Murthy, a visionary academician always foresees and incorporates advanced teaching technology methods in the field of education.
His sharp vision into the educational needs of students after High school and his exceptional propensity aided his to design the integrated academic programmes, I.C.C., M.C.C., S.G.L. etc., that paved the way for enormous students to secure top ranks in IIT, NIT, BITSAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, AFMC, EAMCET etc., and make it to prestigious engineering and medical colleges throughout India.

Sri. G.K.V Sateesh

Mr. G.K.V. Satish has started his career as a lecturer in physics in the corporate colleges. The managements have identified his innate administrative skills prompted him as a principal. Thereafter, he never looked back to render his services as Principal, Zonal Director and so on. This most talented and people friendly administrator has been rendering his services in the role of an Executive Director.
Mr. G.K.V. Satish continues to be inspiration behind the phenomenal growth and expansion of Srigayatri Educational Institutions. Leading by example he has always aspired for excellence in the professional arena. He believes in taking challenges head on and has held the mantle of designing innovative techniques in administration to create the best possible outcomes.

Academic Director

Mr. C. V. Prasad hails from a family of scholars, started his career as a lecturer in mathematics. He has introduced many impeccable methods in teaching mathematics to all the IIT aspirants and other students. A man with a spell bound capacities has soon flourished in the good books of the management. Therefore he has promoted as principal. After working as principal, he has been promoted as Centre director in Delhi. He is an adept in framing the academic programmes and executes them meticulously. Srigayatri management has much felt his dedicative services and appointed him as an Academic Director. He has been molding the teaching faculty in Srigayatri towards the achievements of good results.

Academic Director

Sri A.V. Subrahmanyam has had his humble beginning as a lecturer in mathematics. Within no time he has become popular among the student community through his versatile teaching. He has trained many students in various corporate colleges for more than two decades to secure them seats in IIT’s. A man with simplicity, sincerity and hardworking, Mr. A.V.S has been appointed as Academic Director for Srigayatri Educational Institutions. His genius beckoned the flowers outcome of Srigayatri Study material. He has been continuously guiding and monitoring a panel of lecturers in preparing and revising the study material. This has been led to achieve good results for Srigayatri.

Academic Director

Mr. Abhilekh, after being graduated from engineering stream has laid his first steps in Srigayatri as an academic director. Being a man with modern trends, he has a high technological visionary. He certainly an indispensable administrator for Srigayatri in bringing the gaps between the past and modern time. He is the pioneer in introducing technology in the classroom teaching. Srigayatri has brought forth Cloud Interacting Teaching (CIT) content as well as Online Question Bank (OQB) under the able guidance of this young and talented administrator. His ability in giving academic analysis helping the students to assess themselves quickly and creating path for the achievement of best ranks. He has introduced P.C. tablets in order to ease the pressure of the students in learning content through video lectures.


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